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ICOCR/e-Court :
the wave of the future

"Lawyers and judges are losing sight of their commitments to justice and the public good, and the profession must reform itself and rebuild the trust of ordinary citizens", says (former) Canadian Gov. Gen. David Johnston.

In response, ICOCR/e-Court was established as World's Img largest Online network for MEDIATION, ARBITRATION, LEGAL OPINION with focus on Individuals & Companies. Our innovative concept is endorsed around the world. Let us show you how we embrace the age of social media.

who/what we are & do :

The Canada based International Court for Online Conflict Resolution filed its charter with Corporations Canada on June 24 2016 under number 980748-9, hereafter referred as ICOCR, the world's largest online e-Court Network with operations in the following countries . ICOCR also supervises online Councils in more than #40 countries, such as in Canada, in the USA, in India, in the UK and so on. All share a vision of a transparent, fast and affordable "One-Stop" Online Network for Conflict Resolution.

The ICOCR represents the "non-criminal" online legal/non-legal (mediation/arbitration & counselling) profession on national and international issues, on federal/state/provincial law and the operation of courts and tribunals. It works for the improvement of the "non-criminal" law and of the administration of justice and strictly adheres to a set of mission objectives. The ICOCR strives to represent more than 1/2 milion Legal & Mediation Professionals worldwide.

Uniformity for e-Court operations

ICOCR/e-Court monitors the overall operation of its Uniform Framework and is responsible for making Uniform Rules as they apply to global e-Court operations. The Council can issue guidelines and directions about the exercise of functions by each national council (except about complaints and professional discipline). In particular the Council's objectives are to: (1) monitor the Uniform Framework's implementation and ensure that it is applied consistently and (2) ensure the Uniform Framework remains efficient, targeted and effective, and promotes the maintenance of professional standards, and ensure the Uniform Framework appropriately accounts for the interests and protection of clients of national e-Court practices. The Council consists of members drawn from participating national e-Court councils.


Our Mission statement & what sets us apart :

Our Mission statement: ICOCR/e-Court aims to be a champion for the consumer, achieving this by offering passionate and visionary values. These are: Value for Money: To offer honest, simple, and transparent pricing. Quality of Service: To offer services without compromising any of e-Courts values. Specifically to be professional and with unquestionable integrity. For the People: To offer conflict resolution services for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Challenging: To offer new and innovative ideas, to always push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Force for Good: ICOCR/e-Court would like to see itself as making a positive contribution to peoples lives and as a force for good.

And Finally Meet Heather, Our Business Development Officer

Know the reasons behind our Success: "Our timing was just perfect, we recognized a real need. Thank you for your visit. We hope to serve you Around the World


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