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e-Court - Online Justice now available around the world

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* WHAT WE DO : e-Court provides online conflict resolution to the general public, business and governments around the world , from Europe to the Gulf Region into Asia and across the Americas: North, Central and South and delivers justice not just to those who can afford the best counsel. In addition to cases which require "non-criminal" litigation, e-Court also offers to counsel seekers mediation, arbitration, legal opinion, counselling including individuals, companies and governments as well as services to counsel providers : Mediators, Arbitrators, Judges and Counsellors ( see links on bottom of page e-court.law )

"The case for e-Court PeaceKeeper has never been "stronger" e-Court is a natural extension of the digital revolution, as more of our lives are led online. The result is that people increasingly expect that more of what they do in the physical world should be available online as well, including the resolution of their disputes.

Besides, conventional dispute resolution systems are simply unable to cope with the cross-jurisdictional complexities of cross-border, online disputes. Instead, e-Court works the way the Internet does: it avoids thorny issues of jurisdiction, allows redress to be built directly into contracts, and allows dispute resolution through the use of software.

The increasing digitisation of society presents an immense opportunity to provide justice to the masses. As observed by Richard Susskind, it seemed to be the case that access to justice was only available to people rich enough to pay for it. With ODR processes being fast, fair, and free (or cheap), ODR may vastly improve the ability of justice systems to provide universal access to justice.

* MISSION STATEMENT : Our Mission statement: e-Court PeaceKeeper aims to be a champion for the consumer, achieving this by offering passionate and visionary values. These are: Value for Money: To offer honest, simple, and transparent pricing. Quality of Service: To offer services without compromising any of e-Courts values. Specifically to be professional and with unquestionable integrity. For the People: To offer conflict resolution services for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Challenging: To offer new and innovative ideas, to always push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Force for Good: e-Court would like to see itself as making a positive contribution to peoples lives and as a force for good. We will achieve these goals by : view what sets us apart

* CAPITAL STRUCTURE : e-Court is a "family" owned company under the name The 3-D Networking Company view Originating Partners. The latter owns 100% of o/s equity ( Preferrred or otherwise ) in its holding company ICOCR the International Court for Conflict Resolution, which owns 100% of o/s equity ( Preferrred or otherwise ) of all subsidiaries such as e-Court.ca Legal Services Int'l Inc., e-Court.us Legal Services LLC., e-Court.uk Legal Services. All previously mentioned companies, except e-Court.uk Legal Services with HQ located in London UK, are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The company has made "unspecified" committments to compensate its development team for "loyal" services rendered in the past and future.

* MANAGEMENT : Our Management Team

* LEGAL INCORPORATIONS : : Originating Partners

* GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy : GDPR

* EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES : Vacancies with e-Court Canada : Vacancies and similar with # 45 country subsidiaries

* FINANCIALS : Detailed info such as SWOT analysis, ROI, Forecasts & potential EBITA is presented in an investment brochure ( see sample brochure outlining similar content and presentation style ) which is made available on a "need to know" basis only.

e-Court expense categories :

1. Bell Canada
2. Host Papa Servers
3. Domain Registrations & Maintenance
4. Security EV & Regular SSL
5. Software purchases
6. Google/Apple App development
7. Development inhouse
8. Supervision
9. Equipment
10. Government Incorporations & Maintenance/Renewals
11. Others ( various, Banking fees, Office expense and so on )

Above categories do not include marketing/PR expenses, Cisco/Other web conference room & fees by e-Court "vetted" independant professionals & other operating overhead which are all included as part of the individual conflict resolution cases billed to the client member on a case by case basis.

It should be noted that above "by no means" reflect funds already invested in the project thusfar. It took our IT development team five years with a significant investment to develop a database which unravelled the legal complexities yet adheres to strict International legal laws & mediation practices. To our knowledge there is no privately funded organization to-date which is able to match our innovative database and other structures.

E-Court.ca Legal Services International and its subsidiaries carry-on its banking ( including escrow ) with The Royal Bank of Canada & The Bank of Montreal.

Business cycle status: E-Court.ca Legal Services International and its subsidiaries are currently in a pre-marketing/revenue, "late" start-up status.

* BUSINESS MODEL : The Company is a "independant" platform to reconcile conflicts under governance by "vetted" professionals. To enjoy benefits of e-Court services, a membership is required. The first step is the no-cost "temporary" member status and for most registrants no vetting takes place. Following succesful acceptance, parties receive the "personalized" TEMP member panel with "limited/greyed-out" information. Thereafter TEMP members are encouraged to register and purchase the annual subscription "personalized" FULL member panel. The latter allows the member to do extensive searches in numerous ways. In addition members can initiate a "six-week" mediation, arbitration, legal opinion and counselling. Costs are determined on a case by case basis by the Court Clerk under a strictly cost-plus rules and always in consultation with the presiding mediator/arbitrator/judge or counsellor. At all times total case costs will be a fraction from regular court proceedings and known "upfront" by the conflicting parties as well as the case duration ( never exceeding 6-weeks ).

e-Court recognizes #3 categories of members around the world :

(1) Resolution Seekers : Individuals, Companies & Org and, Governments

(2) Professional Advise/Counsel Givers : Mediators, Arbitrators, Judges & Counsellors ( subject to "vetting" )

(3) In-House : Participants ( Professionals holding positions within various e-Court subsidiaries)

The various subsidiaries of e-Court.ca Legal Services International Inc. operate on a strictly "separate" legal & financial basis. Each entity has its own management and may or may not subscribe to membership in ICOCR The International Court of Conflict Resolution. These entities derive and pay for website maintenance and if necessary special development needs on a cost plus basis.

The Company will derive its revenues from FIRST-CHOICE listings and other listing/search revenues - much like the LinkedIn business model as relating to websites such as e-court.law + approx. #50 country websites; revenues from annual subscription FULL member fees ( fees1, fees2, and fees3 ); revenues from advertisments, from 15% mark-up on approx.#45 country mediation/arbitration/ legal-opinion/counselling cases, from 10% mark-up "indirect services" ( offered by members to members ); revenues from datastorage on behalf of members; revenues from on/off-line networking activities, revenues from country subscriptions to the ICOCR; revenues from subsidiary website maintenance and a host of other revenue "generating" ideas all on an "international" scale. Annual projected consolidated revenues exceed CAD$1.0 billion. All subsidiaries report their annual "audited" P & L in their local currencies but all these accounts are consolidated by HQ in Ottawa in CAD$ currency.

* FUNDING : To-date the company has not borrowed from any outside source. There is no immediate need for "outside" funding as a trade-off between "no outside interference" and quick(er) market acceptance/revenue streams. The company is willing to "consider" investment opportunities ( on a limited and exception basis ) by interested 3rd parties ( minimum USD 5 million ). A detailed 'audited" investment/marketing brochure can be made available to serious investors only and conditional of CAD$150K "fully refundable" escrow payment plus a non-returnable CAD$8K down payment to specifically address issues raised by the interested potential investor. Market sensitive data ( such as number of members ) are not being shared outside this investment/marketing brochure ( see sample brochure outlining similar content and presentation style ). Crowdfunding takes place via : crowdfuncing. Company intends to go public after one/two years of profitable turnover.

* SERVERS : hosted on Dedicated VPS server - Linux with cPanel, 12 Cores @ 3.1 GHz, 32 GB memory , 2 TB SSD storage (RAID-1), 8 TB Transfer ; All websites are "Mobile-first" indexing enabled.

* SECURITY : e-Court has taken all measures to safeguard information. The website is heavily protected like internet banking with leading banking institutions. Our operations are secured by 256-bit SSL, the highest security in the industry. The security of the site remains constant in our attention. The SSL protocol used by e-Court protects our customers ensuring their online transactions remain confidential. To use the SSL protocol, our web server requires the use of a SSL certificate. Sites will get SSL encryption to cover any area that involves an exchange of data including login boxes, credit card payments, or any personal information. e-Court feels its databases are "hackproof" and 100% secure and also prevent us when we use any non secure reference links. Furthermore all our "stand-alone" internet stations outside the dedicated servers are protected by McAfee ( or similar ), and by the use of NordVPN and Malwarebytes firewalls. In addition, the company employs a "two-step" verification in all its member email traffic.

* USE OF OUTSIDE 3rd PARTY SOFTWARE : The Company requires certification that all the source code, graphics etc. used or to be used are completely designed and genuinely developed by the 3rd party.

* FRONT-END : universal domain - e-court.law plus approx. # 125 domains under registration & maintenance, including :

* e-court.co.nl Netherlands
* e-court.us USA
* e-court.ca Canada
* e-court.ltd UK
* e-court.in India
* e-court.de.com Germany
* e-court.ae United Arab Emirates
* e-court.org.au Australia
* e-court.sg Singapore
* e-court.dk Denmark
* e-court.se Sweden
* ecourt.jp Japan
* e-court.no Norway
* e-court.fi Finland
* e-court.cn China
* e-court.mx Mexico
* e-court.hk Hong Kong
* e-court.nz New Zealand
* ecourt.fr France
* e-court.it Italy
* e-court.es Spain
* e-court.com.br Brasil
* e-court.cl Chile
* e-court.be Belgium
* e-court.ch Switzerland
* e-court.pl Poland
* e-court.my Malaysia
* ecourt-ph.info Philippines
* ecourt.cz Czechoslovakia
* e-court.irish Ireland
* e-court.gr Greece
* e-court.pt Portugal
* e-court.co.za South Africa
* ecourt-ru.com Russia
* e-court.at Austria
* ecourt-vn.com Vietnam
* ecourt-ke.com Kenya
* ng-ecourt.com Nigeria
* e-court.tw Taiwan
* e-court.id Indonesia
* ecourt-kr.com South Korea

* USE OF AUTO-RESPONDERS : e-Court employs a series of automatically timed emails after somebody signs up to become our member. In addition there are many occasions when we send out our e-newsletter, messages marking festive occasions, seasonal promotions, sales announcements and general news updates. Our autoresponders allow us to automate a lot of "nuts and bolts" marketing activity, and tailor our messages to suit particular segments of our mailing list.

* BACK-END : It has been said that on large scale internet ventures the amount of data and work involved is under "the hood". This is definetly true for e-Court International. As can be concluded from above, each of ( reflecting more than ) # 45 countries has its own database with each TEMP & FULL and where requested ACTIVE member panels with members originating from around the world of #3 categories :

(1) Resolution Seekers : Individuals, Companies & Org and, Governments

(2) Professional Advise/Counsel Givers : Mediators, Arbitrators, Judges & Counsellors ( subject to "vetting" )

(3) In-House : Participants ( Professionals holding positions within various e-Court subsidiaries).

The amount and criss-cross traffic constitute a definite challenge ( including adherence to the GDPR) for our 7-man development team.

* ADMIN : In-House Management of each of the more than #45 subsidiaries is solely responsible for the "vetting" procedures, and to accept/reject/suspense TEMP & FULL member registrations. Additional these country management teams have "first-line" responsibility to service their own membership according to strict "uniform" quidelines outlined by e-Court's International HQ Ottawa offices. Q&A re e-Court's "Document" Management system : Are systems "robust", customer friendly ? Yes the answer is unequivocable. Can the system handles store/retrieve "massive" amount of douments "economically" in its databases ? Yes , e-Court can store "massive" ammount of documents in its database. It can handle a minimum of #200,000 cases around the world simultaneously. Does e-Court feels its databases are "hackproof" and 100% secure. Yes, databases are very secure and also prevent use of any non secure reference links. In addition all stand-alone stations outside the dedicated servers are protected by McAfee ( or similar ), and by the use of NordVPN and Malwarebytes firewalls.

Additional Info: New int'l online "non-criminal" justice system frees up court time.
A new international justice service that enables clients to simply send in their disputes, or cases, over the internet for judgement, could save the justice system millions of dollars a year whilst freeing up the courts and its personnel for more pressing criminal cases.
The service is called e-Court and it claims to make justice more accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford the best lawyers.  Anyone with a dispute simply submits their Case Notes to Canada, United States, United Kingdom, IndiaNetherlandsICOCR  and in some # 40 additional countries where their Assessors will return an impartial verdict on what they perceive to be a fair solution to the dispute based simply on the merits of the case.   View additional info via Privacy
The company claims that it is the quickest and most cost effective way for people to settle their disputes, as they are able to cut through all the red tape of the normally lengthy litigation process and without the need of having to go through the court system.  In additional to cases which require litigation, the company also offers mediation and general counselling.
Huibert Arnold, the founder of e-Court, believes that the company fills a huge gap in the market.  “We felt that the normal litigation process was too long and too expensive for most people to be able to afford, and often the final verdicts were not delivering the kind of justice that they were expecting.  But with e-Court, every case is judged solely on its merit and each verdict is given on what is perceived to be the fairest solution based on good, old fashioned, common sense."
Most of the Assessors, the people who make up the judge and jury, consists not only of professional arbitrators and accredited mediators, but also a cross-section of law abiding citizens, just like a normal jury system.  e-Court sees this as one of its greatest assets, promoting the idea proudly on its website as, “democracy working in its purest form: Justice of the people, by the people, for the people.”
The company founders hope that people will use e-Court as a forum for obtaining a wide range of settlements, including settling arguments between neighbours; company and employee disputes;  even helping on more sensitive issues like divorce settlements;  Even people who can’t get the other party to agree to use e-Court, can still use the facility by making a single client application just to obtain an impartial, third party opinion. They can then use the e-Court Verdict to show the other feuding party an impartial viewpoint.  The other party can then either agree to settle or send in their own side of the story to e-Court in order to achieve a more balanced verdict.
There’s no doubt that one the main benefits of e-Court is the cost saving potential. 
Contact Details: 
Huibert.H.W. Arnold, founder of e-Court
Interested to seek investment opportunities ? Then Email:  info@e-court.law under the subject : investment